Warm light

Nothing works without light. If there is no light on the subject, everything looks strange. Even in night photography, light plays a major role. If you have too much light, that is not particularly helpful either. Foregrounds get pretty good but the sky burns out completely. Or the sky is optimal and the foreground is black. Not nice either …

Fortunately, you can do a lot with aperture, exposure time and ISO. But to get the “special light” you should be out in the early evening / or morning hours. This is the best time for me and my pictures.

aperture f / 20, exposure 3, ISO 100, focal length 22 mm, tripod

The advantage of these times of the day is that the light is darker and warmer. This then ensures longer exposure times. The pictures become “calmer”. Everything that moves is blurred and the static elements are sharp.

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  1. The light is definitely “warmer,” amazing!

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