Garmo Stave church

Today it is again about a picture with a stave church. This building is the “Garmo stave church”. The building is now on the “Maihaugen” museum site in Lillehammer.

The church originally stood in the small town of “Garmo” in the Lom commune. However, there it was demolished in 1882. The building material was sold. Thanks to an avid buyer of old items, many of the original components could be bought back. A new church was then built with these parts. The Garmo stave church has stood in Lillehammer since 1921.

Since the church is on a museum site, it can take a while to get the church in front of the lens without people.


p style = “text-align: center;”> aperture f / 18, exposure 1/100, ISO 100, focal length 19 mm, polarizing filter, tripod </ p >

I pressed the shutter button 5 minutes before “closing time”. By then the people were all gone. Regardless of the weather and season, a photo of this church can only be planned to a limited extent due to the opening times. So you are somewhat bound by time. I was very lucky with the sky that day …


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