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Breathed life

On August 1st I posted a post in which I had uploaded a picture of the Eikesdalsee at dawn. The aim was to create a timelapse. Without the clouds, however, this would have been a bit boring. In the article I promised that I would deliver the recording later.

I made my way to the lake again and was able to photograph the lake with a few clouds on another morning. I have now breathed some life into this picture. In total, the recording consists of a little over 700 images and takes about 25 seconds.

I will create another category in my image collection in which I will store such timelapse recordings from now on.

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8 thoughts on Breathed life

  1. Hallo Dirk,
    der Zeitraffer ist wirklich toll geworden. Gratuliere! In welchem zeitlichen Abstand hast Du die Bilder aufgenommen?
    Viele Grüße, Horst

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