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The coast of Norway always offers new photo motifs. It is precisely this variety of coastal landscapes that makes it easy for amateur photographers to keep finding exciting places to press the shutter release.

Sometimes the shore is graced with white beaches or steep mountain slopes. From time to time the shore is flat and rocky. Large stones covered with moss and lichen have been lying there for thousands of years. The choppy waters often cover the beauty of such shores.

With this picture it was important to me to bring a little more calm into the big picture – to make the stones more visible. The stones are characterized by wind and weather. Washed smooth by the rhythm of the tides…

Such places seem inconspicuous and not spectacular enough for some viewers. For me, these are some of the most beautiful places where you often spend a lot of time. Beauty doesn’t always have to be obvious at first glance. Sometimes she needs to be discovered…

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