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BODIES: in a magazine

First of all, happy new year! I wanted to share something with you. Just before Christmas my BODIES project got published in a Norwegian magazine called ALTSÅ. This is a relative new magazine, but they have gotten allot of attention ever since they started, especially for their point of view on editing/ photoshopping photos, and how that just contributes to a delusional body image. They also don’t put advertising in the magazine, they much rather use those pages for different […]

Last sun rays of the day

I think I accidentally made a mini series out of the 4 pictures that were developed from my last film. So here is 3/4! I have concluded with that my Lomo LC-A has a sticky/tired shutter, so I have to get someone to look at it for me. But before I do that, I’m going to use up my last film roll that I have in my camera now. Let’s cross our fingers that the sticky shutter unsticks itself (if […]

On my way home from work

This picture was taken one day after work. I was walking towards the tram, right before it arrived I looked back at the building I work in and saw how pretty the sun settled on it. This is also one of the four pictures that got developed from the broken film I talked about in the previous post. Still don’t know what went wrong with it, but I hope that the film I have in my Lomo now works out! […]

On a gloomy walk in Oslo

I love my mom’s old lomo LC-A so much. But honestly, it frustrates me a lot at this point. A few days ago I went to my local photo shop to get my pictures developed. I was super exited for the pictures because I though my last photo trip was such a success. It was a gloomy and stormy day with amazing colors in Oslo. After every picture I took i kept thinking to my self that I could not […]

BODIES: Part 2

Finally I’m here with part two of my BODIES series. Yes, I know I said next week three weeks ago. But let’s not talk about that. What fascinated me the most during this project was that everyone has something about their body that they don’t like. Me included. And many of them think that they are the only one who in insecure about that body part, which I learned is not true at all. maybe you’ll catch what’s the most […]