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Concrete jungle

Finally Oslo feels like a real capital. What was missing, you ask? well, we needed a big library. Dont get me wrong we have a lot of nice libraries in Oslo, but the new Deichman is everything you can ask for when it comes to libraries. Now that school has startet and we still have strict rules when it come to covid-19, it is nice to have a place to go to for studying. At my school we only have […]

Evening sun after work

You guys will notice after a while that I love the color combination orange and blue. I have loved it since art class in high school. Like in this picture of Lakkegata skole, which is a primary school near by where I live. Its located right by where the tram stops, so I see it all the time. This particular picture was taken an evening after work, around 10 o’clock. Yes, I know I said 10 at night. Here in […]

Lomo project intro

So here we are, three weeks after my dad announced that there will be new category called «Lomo-Project» where I will post the pictures I take with my moms old LOMO LC-A. My dad wrote a brief summery of how this all came together. It all was a coincidence. I have always had an interest for old photography, I remember in 8th grade we had a teacher who knew how to develop old films and thought us in arts and […]

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