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The Lomo project shows pictures that were only taken with the analog camera "Lomo LC-A". The camera was brought back to life by my daughter and is now taking pictures in Norway's capital, Oslo.

The contributions that are posted here in the "Lomo project" are written in English.

6. Januar 2021

BODIES: in a magazine

First of all, happy new year! I wanted to share something with you. Just...
16. Dezember 2020

Last sun rays of the day

I think I accidentally made a mini series out of the 4 pictures that...
9. Dezember 2020

On my way home from work

This picture was taken one day after work. I was walking towards the tram,...
2. Dezember 2020

On a gloomy walk in Oslo

I love my mom’s old lomo LC-A so much. But honestly, it frustrates me...
25. November 2020

BODIES: Part 2

Finally I’m here with part two of my BODIES series. Yes, I know I...
4. November 2020

BODIES: Part 1

Today Im going to inform you guys about a school project that I had...
28. Oktober 2020

Deichman library – concrete contrasts

To be honest I’m still mesmerized about how cool and unique the Lomo LC-A...
21. Oktober 2020

Deichman library

There is a reason why I haven’t posted the last few weeks, you will...
9. September 2020

Concrete jungle

Finally Oslo feels like a real capital. What was missing, you ask? well, we...
26. August 2020

Evening sun after work

You guys will notice after a while that I love the color combination orange...
16. August 2020

Lomo project intro

So here we are, three weeks after my dad announced that there will be...