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View outside

View outside

A look outside can be very exciting, especially if you want to photograph it. Dark inside and bright sunlight outside…

Yesterday I wanted to take pictures of an old ruin. The lighting conditions were catastrophic. Bright sunlight from a stupid direction – I wasn’t properly prepared.

I stumbled listlessly through the area until I passed a window. I really liked this view with the masonry in the foreground. The dark foreground and the dazzling view from the window made a good photo almost impossible.

Aperture f/22, exposure 0.4, ISO 50, focal length 17 mm, tripod, polarizing filter

In order to compensate for the extreme differences in light, I decided to take an HDR picture in which I took three different exposures. After the three images were merged, a good image emerged.

I will visit this old ruin again. Next time I’ll be better prepared though 😉

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  1. Stunning. I love these sorts of “view” photos! One of my own personal favorites was taken from inside my tent, camping at 14,000 ft in Peru on a trip to run the Inca Trail, a steaming bowl of water placed at the entrance and snow-capped mountains in the background.

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