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About us

Our community

Nature, the landscape in this fantastic country is the goal of many people and unique in Europe. Wide mountain landscapes, deep fjords, crystal clear lakes, the rough Atlantic and the unique culture offered the photographer infinitely many possibilities.

Who can participate?

People who enjoy photography as a hobby and appreciate and respect nature and culture are welcomed by our, yet very young, community. Because it plays no role whether someone is visiting the country as a tourist, on the pass or has never been here. It also plays no role from which country you come.

Our goal

Learning from and with each other is the most important goal of our community.
Finding motifs, taking photos together, discussing photo techniques or image development ... the social aspect is also very important to us.

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My name is Dirk. I started this project. I love taking pictures and travel all over the country. Our community is still very young. However, the first hobby photographers have already found their way to us. If you feel like participating too. Then just register on our website.