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Stormy Bay

Stürmische Bucht

In stormy weather on the coast you will find a lot of photo opportunities.
In the background dark clouds, waves on the water and the plants in the foreground are being shaken by the storm. Some call it “bad weather” – others call it “perfect weather”.

Aperture f/12, exposure 1/50 sec, ISO 100, focal length 17 mm, tripod, polarizing filter

For me as a hobby photographer this is the “perfect weather”.

I didn’t just take the photo for the exciting exposure. I especially liked the wall dividing the picture in two. Only a few gray stones can be seen through the plants.

3 thoughts on Stormy Bay

  1. I don’t mind blue skye from time to time, but a sky with clouds of whatever kind will always be more interesting to take pictures off. The above is very impressive and dramatic.

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