Runway lights
2. May 2021

Whoever seeks shall find

There are also great opportunities to take photos in cities – but not in...
Sand and stones
1. May 2021


I noticed that a lot of black and white pictures were posted on the...
Weißer Frühling
25. April 2021

White spring

If you look at the calendar you can see that spring is here. However,...
After the rain
24. April 2021

After the rain …

Somewhere in the mountains of “Sunnmøre” after a heavy rain … To take dark,...
17. April 2021

Almost over …

The dark season is almost over. There is not much time left in the...
10. April 2021


I found this old abandoned house in the Hustadvika commune. The facade, doors and...
3. April 2021


The lighthouse at the southern cape “Lindesnes” is a very popular photo opportunity. I...
Warm light
27. February 2021

Warm light

Nothing works without light. If there is no light on the subject, everything looks...
21. February 2021

At night on the beach

The dark season is almost over. The sun rises at 8:00 a.m. in the...
20. February 2021

Sleeping place

Adventurous hikes can take the amateur photographer to very special places. If you want...
13. February 2021

View out of the window

Lots of snow, icy cold and not a cloud in the sky make photography...
Steinige Küste
7. February 2021

Favourite places

In the search for photo motifs you always come to special places. The time...
6. February 2021

The boat

Pulled ashore and packed with old machine parts, this old boat suddenly appeared from...
Bootshäuser am Fjord
31. January 2021


Such small, often very old, boat houses are called “Naust” in Norway. They actually...
Herbst am Fjord
30. January 2021


A little late but better than never … Today I uploaded another picture that...
24. January 2021

Winter evening sun

The light of the setting sun on cold, clear days is simply awesome. Now...
Garmo Stabkirche
23. January 2021

Garmo Stave church

Today it is again about a picture with a stave church. This building is...
17. January 2021


It looks like winter has finally settled in. There has been a lot of...
Against the light
9. January 2021

Against the light

Shooting against the bright sun can be a real challenge. But those who take...
Winter light
3. January 2021

Longer days

Two weeks after the winter solstice we have a little more daylight here. This...
2. January 2021


A lake early in the morning in summer. As an early riser, you can...
The best time
27. December 2020

The best time

For me, the best time to photograph landscapes is in the morning and in...
Stones #2
19. December 2020

Stones #2

Today I uploaded another picture on the topic of “stones”. I was able to...
6. December 2020


The exposure time must be extended in the early afternoon. If you are out...
29. November 2020

At the “Dragon bay”

Yesterday I was able to take this picture while taking a short walk by...
4. June 2020


Der Sommer nähert sich mit großen Schritten. In den Bergregionen liegt zwar noch ne...
18. August 2019

The lake “Vågevatn”

Shortly after the sunrise, I was on my way on the RV 460. Along...