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It looks like winter has finally settled in. There has been a lot of snow for a week and the temperatures have dropped into double digits.

At -17 degrees, I walked to the end of a fjord in deep snow to take this picture. Our followers at Instagram could already see a short video of the location yesterday afternoon.

For half an hour the light of the setting sun was very beautiful. During this time I experimented with aperture and exposure time. I took this photo with these settings:

Aperture f / 16, exposure 1/125, ISO 400, focal length 50 mm, tripod

At these temperatures the ends of the fjords freeze. The ebb and flow of tides create loud noises that are quite creepy. I will show very special images of the ice on the fjords in a later article.

With this picture I created a new category, Winter Landscapes. The photo can now be viewed at any time in the main menu under Pictures – & gt; winter landscapes

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