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Stave churches


The stave churches are among the most famous buildings in Norway. These old wooden structures are very exciting photo motifs. The aim of this project is to photograph all stave churches in the country and to store them here. Most of the churches are in the south of the country. The northernmost stave church is in Trondheim.

Every year I pass different stave churches. They are then photographed and stored here. Anyone who follows me on Instagram (dirk_mehl) will be shown a short video of the photo location informed.

There are a total of 28 stave churches in Norway. I haven't gotten all of them in front of the lens yet.

photographed13 / 28. churches

  • Borgund
  • Eidsborg
  • Flesberg
  • Garmo
  • Gol
  • Grip
  • Haltdalen
  • Hedalen
  • Heddal
  • Hegge
  • Hopperstad
  • Høre
  • Høyjord
  • Kaupanger
  • Kvernes
  • Lom
  • Lomen
  • Nore
  • Reinli
  • Ringebu
  • Rollag
  • Rødven
  • Røldal
  • Torpo
  • Undredal
  • Urnes
  • Uvdal
  • Øye
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