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22. February 2020

Island Ona

These pictures were taken during our visit to the island “Ona”. We were traveling...
16. February 2020

The island Husøya

On a beautiful summer day, very early in the day, we were able to...
the Forum
15. February 2020

The Forum

I have added a forum to our website. It took a while but now...
8. February 2020


This picture was taken in Lofoten, on the island “Andøya”. In the late afternoon...
Rollag Stabkirche
1. February 2020

Rollag Stave church

It continues with our small series “Stave Churches”. This time we photographed the “Rollag...
18. January 2020

Evening light

This picture was taken in Lofoten. The sun does not go down completely in...
7. January 2020

The hut

Such huts are often found in the beautiful Norwegian nature, they are often the...
30. December 2019

Our photo community

You have the opportunity to become part of our photo community. Do you want...
29. December 2019


To take this picture, I made my way to the valley “Eikesdalen”. Immediately after...
29. December 2019

The gate

We have already noticed this fence on a previous tour to the islands “Ona”...
19. October 2019


It may sound paradoxical but when I look at this picture I think of...
6. October 2019

The first Snow

Autumn is here and winter is just around the corner. This weekend we went...
18. August 2019

The lake “Vågevatn”

Shortly after the sunrise, I was on my way on the RV 460. Along...