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There are lots of photo techniques and endless possibilities of image editing. A very special type of image editing, black and white plus, has particularly interested me in the last few days.

On I became aware of this very special type of image editing.

The motif, an old American car, has been standing on a country road for a few days I drive to work every day. However, the sun is not optimal in the early morning. Even in the afternoon, when I come home from work, the light is rather modest. So I had to wait for the weekend to photograph this junk pile with good natural exposure.

For me, this type of editing takes a bit of getting used to. However, I think the idea is very good. There will probably be more pictures …


3 thoughts on Black/White plus

  1. Its amazing seeing American cars in other countries. Since I am not a car person, I think only the high-end vehicles cross the pond. That looks to be a 70’s series “boat”, I am thinking possibly a Plymouth. Great editing techniques.

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