BODIES: Part 2

Finally I’m here with part two of my BODIES series. Yes, I know I said next week three weeks ago. But let’s not talk about that.

What fascinated me the most during this project was that everyone has something about their body that they don’t like. Me included. And many of them think that they are the only one who in insecure about that body part, which I learned is not true at all. maybe you’ll catch what’s the most chosen body part at the end of the series? We will see.

As I wrote in the previous artikle, I asked every individual why they picked that body part. And a lot of the answers were «It just doesn’t look right» or «It’s not how it’s supposed to be». My followup question would be «how come its not right? who tells you it’s wrong?». Can you guess what they answered? yup, social media… media in general. The fucked up picture they give us of how we are suppose to look like. It makes me really angry and upset. The pictures in the magazines and on instagram are fake. Waist in, boobs and hips out, hourglass. smooth lines going down our bodies. Thats impossible, we have bones in out bodies that create a few edges here and there, which «ruins» the «perfekt» silhouette we’re supposed to have.

So the point for me was to take pictures of bodies how they are! And most important of all – no retouching in photoshop. All natural bodies. To help others realize that this is what a normal body looks like. Create a realistic image of what a body actually looks like.

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