BODIES: Part 1

Today Im going to inform you guys about a school project that I had a few weeks ago.

This project is about bodies – all bodies. The prosjekt was formed under a subject called «Visual communication» in my last, and third year at Westerdals. As I have mentioned earlier I’m taking a bachelors degree in Art Direction in Oslo.

I took two pictures of 50 different individuals with a disposable camera, where the first one is of the body part they like the most about them selves, and the second one of the body part they disliked the most. Also, I asked every one the question «why». Why they choose this exact part of they’re body. A lot of stories were shared, some of them sad and upsetting, and some of them funny and cheerful.

It was very important for me to have variation in this project. variation in body types, gender, age and race. I have to say, it was not easy. especially in these days with covid-19 being everywhere. My wish for this project was for everyone to feel seen. I have to say, It was a damn good feeling when a person said «Wow, look! Im not the only one who has breasts like that!» stating in front of the exhibition.

Anyways. I wanted to show you guys the pictures I took. although I’m not going to tell you which pictures are form the most liked body parts or the least liked body parts. All I’m going to say is that I will post six pictures each time, three most liked body parts and three least liked body parts.

The whole reason with this project is that we all have insecurities. Often the same ones, and also sometimes we hate something about ourself, which the next person loves about them selves

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  1. Great, a really great project. Auch die von Dir genannten Rahmenbedingungen für dieses Vorhaben finde ich sehr gelungen. Ich bin auf die nächsten Bilder sehr gespannt. Best wishes to you, Liebe Grüße

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