The Nore Stave Church

Today I uploaded another picture of a stave church. I took this picture on a summer morning last year.

The “Nore Stave Church” is a small building that, from a distance, can also be photographed without a wide angle. There is plenty of space at the photo point and there are no disturbing objects nearby. If you take a picture in the morning, you won’t see anyone.

The house was originally built in 1167. Was then rebuilt somewhat in the 17th century.

After a few laps around the church I found a suitable place to take pictures of the church. I took three different exposures again

and then converted to an HDR image. It is important to me with exposure series that the exaggerated HDR effect is prevented.

The “Nore Stave Church” is the 12th picture in the “Stab Churches picture series”. Alle Stabkirchen-Bilder liegen in der Galerie “Bauwerke”.


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  1. It’s a beautiful church. ❤️

  2. Nice to see such olden structures– even rebuilt– have lasted so long.

  3. Very deep coloring, really has a strong mood

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