Wild Beach

Wild beaches aren’t just for swimming, even if it’s not entirely safe. They are also very nice photo subjects.

I rediscovered this beach by accident on the Helgeland coast.

Aperture f/12, exposure 1/20, ISO 50, focal length 17 mm, polarizing filter, tripod 

From afar, these shores appear inconspicuous. But if you come a little closer, you will discover true beauties.

Such beaches are often difficult to reach and not easy to find, but that is exactly what makes them so exciting. You are alone and you can take your time taking pictures.

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  1. Stunning! I love the rocky beaches we don’t have here in Southwest Florida, but remind me of my original home in California. Beautiful work!

    1. There is something natural about the rocky beaches. I’m pretty sure there are beautiful beaches in Southwest Florida too.🙂

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