Borgund Stave Church

Today I uploaded another photo of a stave church. The “Borgund Stave Church” is one of the most visited stave churches in the country. Photographing this building without people in front of the camera is almost impossible.

There’s only one weapon that really helps: get on your feet veeery early!!! No tourist and certainly no Norwegian is standing in front of a building with his camera at 5 a.m. in the morning.

The church was first mentioned in 1342. The age of the church can only be estimated. However, research has shown that the wood used to build the church was felled in the winter of 1180-1181.

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  1. A beautiful church! ❤️

    1. Yes, he very old and very beautiful gene building

  2. It’s incredible. It almost doesn’t look real since it’s so old. You’re a dedicated photographer to find those special times!

    1. Thank you for the praise ! 🙂

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