Summer pictures

The title of the post does not necessarily fit the current season.

There is not much to see from winter here. No snow and mild temperatures. A summer picture fits much better.

Aperture f/11, exposure 1/20 sec., focal length 17 mm, ISO 50

I was able to take the photo in the beautiful Rauma Valley and it was again created by chance. It was the contrast between the cloudless sky and the tall gray mountains that made me press the shutter button.

Actually a typical tourist photo. Nobody can resist such motifs.

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  1. The image is lovely. Is the mild weather common for fall? Do you experience a long, cold winter? I don’t know much about Norway, but that it’s a beautiful country. The light in your images is always beautiful.

    1. Hi! In December there is usually snow. The mountains are covered with snow at this time of year. It has already snowed in the south of the country. We’ll have to wait a bit further up here

  2. Nice shot and beautiful composition. It looks indeed like a summer picture with all that green in the foreground. This year autumn was very exceptional, also here in Belgium.

    1. Thanks, Rudy! Autumn is also very long here this year. No snow yet..

  3. Very beautiful, wow! ❤️

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