Fresh air

Finally I was able to take a picture in “my element” again. The mountain world again recorded high visitor numbers this year. Nevertheless, there are still countless routes on which you don’t meet a soul.

Fresh airAlso if it can not be seen in this picture, but the summer is very warm even this year. The wind howls in the mountains and if you stay at your photo spot for a while, it gets pretty cold too.

I took this picture last week at an altitude of about 1200 m. The mountain lake is at an altitude of 977 m and can be reached by a short, quite strenuous hike. 

Aperture f/22, exposure 0.5, focal length 17 mm, ISO 50, polarizing filter

I’ve passed this lake a number of times. But I never took a picture because the weather was always nice…. This time the weather was almost perfect for photographing dramatic landscapes. However, the lighting conditions were  not optimal – but something is always…

Again, I took three different exposures to balance out the light sky and the dark foreground.

It also proved helpful to use an ND filter on this image. It does make the foreground a little darker, but it also brings a little more structure to the bright sky.

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