Making of: “Rocky beach”

Welcome to another post on making of. This time it’s about a black and white photo that I posted on August 6th in the post “Rocky beach” posted.

The weather was perfect that day. A look at the ebb and flow calendar told me how high the water will be in the morning.

The location was a deserted beach. I’ve been to this beach many times. I didn’t have to look long for my motif and went straight there. At a certain point, the white sand is no longer visible. There the sandy beach turns into a rocky beach.

It took some time until I found the right angle for my photo. The tripod with the camera stood on a stone. With an ND 8 filter I was able to bring the exposure time to 3 seconds. I could have exposed longer to “pull” the clouds more. But the clouds had only moved very slowly at that moment.

I recorded pictures of the location and information about image processing in a small video. Have fun watching it…


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  1. Nice post, it’s wonderful to watch the way you edited the photo into a nice final result.

    1. Thank you! Nice that you like it

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