The mountains offer many photo opportunities. Often you don’t have to go that far to find the right motif – but sometimes you do.

A hike often starts in dense vegetation and then ends in a barren landscape in which there still are few plants. Once you have crossed the tree line, it becomes clear and the path becomes rockier.

An interesting part of such a hiking route is the transition from vegetation to & nbsp; barren stone landscape. There you will find particularly beautiful colors.

aperture f / 22, exposure 1/13, ISO 50, focal length 17 mm, tripod, polarizing filter, ND 4 filter 

I took this picture at a height of approx. 1000 m. The lush green between the gray rock conjures up a very beautiful play of colors.

That day it was cloudy and the sun broke through the cloud cover in some places. So the weather was almost perfect for taking pictures. Even so, it was still a little too bright for a long exposure. An ND4 filter could help me to extend the exposure time a bit.

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  1. A very moody brooding kind of day. Great capture Dirk. Allan

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