Almost over …

The dark season is almost over. There is not much time left in the far north to take night photos.

I took this picture in autumn. It is not the first time that I have photographed the “stemshesten”. The mountain range is a very nice photo motive, no matter what time or time of year.

Aperture f / 4, exposure 20.0, ISO 1250, focal length 17 mm, tripod

With a long exposure time and a high ISO value, I was able to take this night shot. The lens used only allows an aperture of a maximum of f /4. It’s not particularly sensitive to light, but it’s my all-time favorite when shooting landscapes.


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  1. Great capture, It must be a releaf to see the light again.

    1. We have light, but in winter we only have a few hours of daylight here. But winter is over now…

    1. Many Thanks. I was very lucky that evening.

    1. Thank you for the compliment!

  2. The Pleiades show up really well. Nice!

    1. yes, they are very bright

    1. thank you !

  3. A lot of cool stuff in this– including the streaks of light from the lamp posts.

    1. I like exactly these things in the picture. Thank you !

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