On my way home from work

This picture was taken one day after work. I was walking towards the tram, right before it arrived I looked back at the building I work in and saw how pretty the sun settled on it.

This is also one of the four pictures that got developed from the broken film I talked about in the previous post. Still don’t know what went wrong with it, but I hope that the film I have in my Lomo now works out! I haven’t taken that many pictures with the new film yet. So Im contemplating on if I want to open it and double check if the film sits right in the camera. Should I? I really don’t want to go to the shop where they develop my film and only get four pictures out from it again.

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  1. If you want to know whether the film transport is working, just make sure that the top-left rewind crank has full tension (*without* first disengaging the film advance gear with that little knob, carefully operate the crank as if you’d want to rewind the film but don’t apply force). Once you’re sure there’s tension on the crank, watch it while you operate the film transport after each shot. When the crank turns along, the film transport works.

    1. Thank you for a detailed explanation. Much appreciated! I’ll check it out asap when I get home 🙂

      1. welcome 🙂 And if the film transport works and there are still only a fraction of the negatives exposed next time, then it’s very likely to do with a „tired“ shutter, see my comment under one of your earlier posts (assuming you checked the battery already? Some cameras switch to the shortest shutter speed possible when the battery’s low, so all but the brightest-lit frames would be unusably underexposed…)

        Shutter might be repairable, though probably at a steep price in a proper store; but these older cameras are often simple-enough built for someone with a bit of talent to do it themselves…

        1. Yes I saw you mentioned that, and that is also what I am afraid of! I find its a high risk if I try to open my moms old camera and try to fix it myself. So maybe I need to find someone who can check it out for me. There is possibly a chance that the shutter is tired, it hasn’t been used in over 20 years until I used it.

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