On a gloomy walk in Oslo

I love my mom’s old lomo LC-A so much. But honestly, it frustrates me a lot at this point.

A few days ago I went to my local photo shop to get my pictures developed. I was super exited for the pictures because I though my last photo trip was such a success. It was a gloomy and stormy day with amazing colors in Oslo. After every picture I took i kept thinking to my self that I could not wait for the pictures to get developed. After giving my film roll away, I walked around in the city for one hour just waiting in excitement. But little did I know, when I came back to the photo shop they told there were only 4 pictures on the film roll. 4 of 24! I asked why, but they couldn’t tell me so I said it was ok. It’s an old camera from the 1980s.

I just don’t understand why the camera does that. And it’s not like the firs pictures on the film are gone or the last ones. its some here and there. I had two photo sessions with the camera and three from the first trip got developed and one from the last one.

Does anyone know why this happens? it’s not the first time. I just can’t figure out if it’s something about the film getting out of the track or if it’s the camera it self. please let me know if you know something.

Anyways this is the ONE picture from the last photo session. This is my favorite picture from them all, the colors that day were so pretty and of course the building is pretty cool itself. Im glad at least one picture came out nicely. It is worth it.

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  1. When something like that happened to me in the past, it was because the film wasn’t all the way on the track. I once had a complete roll that was still usable — when I opened it up, the film had not advanced even one picture.

    1. Thats insane! Im going to check my camera right now. I always think the camera takes pictures when i hear the clicking noise.

      1. Happened more with the „automatic“ point and shoots for me than the hand-wound ones. It was usually my fault.

        1. Thats what im afraid of – that it is always my fault, haha. The woman in the show wouldn’t help me, because she was afraid to ruin the camera. She told be how to do it and the film was mostly blank.

    1. I know! But at least a few pictures turned out good. Going to post the rest later.

  2. Good morning, I wouldn’t trust the people in the shop! Maybe this opinion is not fair, either. I have recently realized that photos I had saved on an old stick do not appear anymore! Best regards

    1. That’s a shame! Maybe a tech person can take a look at it? Hope you figure it out :))

    1. Thank you so much! I’ll Check it out😊

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