Deichman library

There is a reason why I haven’t posted the last few weeks, you will see why soon. I wanted to show you guys this picture I took in my trip to the new library in Oslo. It was taken on my way home from studying for my exam. My exam is relevant to this website so I’m going to post about it when I’m done with the final touches.

The funny thing is when I look back at this picture now it brings me back to the time just before I started with my exam project. I had no clue what I wanted to to or how it was going to turn out. And now I’m here, all done. As i wrote in the previous post; this was going to be my new study place. But little did I know, every student in Oslo thought the same way. It turned out the library was packed from 09-21. which sucked hard. so actually I haven’t been there since the last time i wrote about it.


  • Film: Kodak ColorPlus 200
  • Date: 27.08.20
  • Time: 11:14

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  1. thank you. I saw it when it was a construction site: Does it fit near the Opera?

    1. Yes, i think they suit each other very well! You can actually see just how close they are in the picture.

  2. I love libraries!
    But I sometimes found it better to go to a small branch instead of the main building to avoid the crowds. (Of course, this still doesn’t work always. And sometimes, they got some children’s event going on. Which is nice to attract people to the library and to books, but bad if you want to study.)

    1. I agree! I enden up going to a small cafee, studying there instead – much quieter 🙂

      1. I can recommend cemeteries, weather permitting.
        There is usually nobody there. Or at least nobody who would disturb you. And you won’t get kicked out for smoking.

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