Evening sun after work

You guys will notice after a while that I love the color combination orange and blue. I have loved it since art class in high school. Like in this picture of Lakkegata skole, which is a primary school near by where I live. Its located right by where the tram stops, so I see it all the time. This particular picture was taken an evening after work, around 10 o’clock. Yes, I know I said 10 at night. Here in Norway in summer time the sun stays up as late as we do, even longer some items.

When I walked out of the tram I could not believe how beautiful the building was in the evening kissed by late sun against just a clear blue sky. Hope we will get a couple more of those before the winter kicks in. Yeah, we’re just in august but hey, its 2020. This picture and the first one I posted are actually the only two decent pictures that came out of my first try with the Lomo LC-A. Now I have a few new film rolls that I have to develop, one is from my visit in Molde this summer and one after when I got back to Oslo.

  • film: kodak ColorPlus 200
  • Date: 01.07.20
  • Time: 21:47


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