Lomo project intro

So here we are, three weeks after my dad announced that there will be new category called «Lomo-Project» where I will post the pictures I take with my moms old LOMO LC-A.
My dad wrote a brief summery of how this all came together. It all was a coincidence. I have always had an interest for old photography, I remember in 8th grade we had a teacher who knew how to develop old films and thought us in arts and crafts.

Later on I found out about the polaroid camera after hearing the song «Hey Ya!» by Outkast (Which totally was my jam, and still is) where they sing «Shake it like a polaroid picture» and I had to have one of those. It faded away after a while, when I found out how expensive those films were. The years went by and I moved to Oslo to study Art Direction. Here I was introduced to the disposable camera, which was a hit here! everyone had one and took them to parties. I love them, they reminded me of the old pictures of my parents in the photo albums at home. It is something about the vibe those pictures have that interests me. At first I did it for the memories I wanted to create for my self in my own photo album, but when you have a dad who loves the crafts of photography and everything that comes with it, I couldn’t let go of the thought of taking pictures of my surroundings like my dad does.

This is where the difference between my dad and I comes in, he loves to take pictures and develop them digitally, where you can decide what you want to highlight and what not and so on. I love the «accidents» and the «odd» part about taking pictures. And then one day I found out that my mom had an old Lomo LC-A, of course I didn’t know about what a cool camera it was. But after some research I was mesmetized. And like my dad said in his article, it wasn’t my moms «thing», taking pictures, so there are only ten or so pictures which my mom took when she was 14, in black and white (So cool).

So, this is a little project that I wanted to do with my moms old camera and hopefully my dads inherited photography skills. Bare with me, I’m new to this. I would love you to join me on this journey and see how it develops. Constructive criticism is also something I would appreciate from you out there who maybe knows a little more about this than me. I’m also going to post the first picture I took with the Lomo. It was taken on a very hot summer day, in the backyard from my apartment building.


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