The biker

Why this project?
As soon as the weather permits, you will meet cyclists from almost all age groups. Here we are not talking about the cyclist “à la Frau Antje from Holland”. Here we are talking about the toughest, with racing bikes and clothes like in the Tour de France.

Over 400 cycling clubs were officially registered in Norway in 2019. The Norwegians have an extreme competitive instinct. Over 300 different bike races were registered at the beginning of the year. Whether on the coast, by the fjords or in the mountains – you will pedal until you drop.

My project “The Biker” is not that complicated. I have again selected 4 pictures from my “unusable” folder:

Picture 1 shows a road near “Hustad”, picture 2 was on a mountain tour at “Sunndalsøra”, picture 3 is a snapshot from my window and I saw the biker at one of the typical racing events, in this case at the “Erefsjord classics “, snapped.

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