The wreck

Today, on the national holiday, I put another picture in our “Art” gallery. The national holiday is not the same as usual due to Corona ….. but it doesn’t matter. So I was able to finish my work “The Wreck”.

Old, rusty vehicles belong in the nature of Norway like the spruce or the capercaillie. Fortunately, you don’t see them that often – they are well camouflaged. Often they are placed in “groups” at so-called “car cemeteries”. but you can also find individual specimens.

There are no exact numbers. What is certain is that around 14,000 wrecked cars are handed in for scrapping every year. That is around 95% of all old, deregistered vehicles. The remaining 5%, according to the Norwegian Environment Agency. This 5% often goes undetected.

This photo montage consists of 4 different pictures. All the pictures were taken here in Norway over the years. I took picture 1, the main motif (the wreck), in the Frana K0mmune in a car cemetery, picture 2 on a mountain tour (underground), picture 3 shows the mountains “Talstadhesten” and “Høgheitinden” in Frana (background) and picture 4 , the sky, in Molde.

What is a very beautiful subject for photographers is an extreme burden for the environment. By the way, this vehicle is a Ford.

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  1. That has been a lot of work then! But it has been worthwhile ! The result is very convincing! Thanks for sharing your brilliant photos! Cheers, Petra

    1. Yes, that always takes some work. But it’s worth it. Thanks ! 👍

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