It was a long time ago… It was 2006 to be exact – it was July 9th when my daughter and I took a break while cruising trough the area. I had to pee while my daughter checked out a small stream on the other side of the street.

9. July 2006

“Dad, where does the little river come from?” Good question, I thought to myself and asked her if we should follow it. It was early afternoon when we started our spontaneous adventure. Through dense, rather rough terrain, we went uphill along the river. After about two hours we stopped at a waterfall that was inconspicuous to me at that time.

“I want to go home!”, my daughter said at this point. “Okey lets go back to the car”, I said, and we went back home. Where the water came from was suddenly no longer that important.

I have often tolk this story to my son. I never thought of this inconspicuous waterfall. A hew days ago, however, a thought came to me…

After 14 years, yesterday, together with my son, I went to visit the waterfall again. After such a long time, we immediately found the same place where we starten 14 years ago. Along the same small river, the “Bordalselva”, to the point where my daughter was tired at the time.

The waterfall is somehow hidden. You have to scramble down a little further to stand exactly in front of it. This time i didn’t have the feeling that the waterfall was so “inconspicuous” and I photographed it. A memory of a beautiful day 14 years ago and another one on May 1st, 2020

The picture is deposited in our photo gallery under “Water”. More information on the exact position , the photo technology and the image processing can be found here.

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  1. Beautiful photograph and very interesting your process!

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