I have added a new category to our picture gallery. Under “Closeup” we post pictures that have been taken up close and personal. The motifs are of course all photographed in Norway.

We are going to start with a spring bloomer – the Snowdrop. The Snowdrop in Norwegian “Snøklokke” is the first one out and about. It is, so to speak the first spring bloomer to be discovered here in the north.

When my son went to kindergarten a while ago, he told me how the snowdrop got its color:

When God created the world and distributed the colors, it was summer and nobody thought about the snow. The angels helped with the work. The grass turned green, the roses red and the sky blue. The buttercups turned yellow and squirrels brown. Everyone was happy. But when winter came and the first snow fell, the snowdrop was colorless and almost invisible. Then the snow went to God and asked if the snowdrop should go invisibly trough the world. No, God didn’t think that. But now he had given away all the colors, so there was no other advice, the snow had to go out into the world and hear if anyone was kind enough to share some color.

The snow asked all the other flowers in the world if any of them wanted to give off some color. Nobody wanted to give the almost colorless flower some color. And so the snow was blown into a white flower by the wind. “You are the last flower I can ask if you would give some color”. The snowdrop was given some color from the last flower. From then on the “snøklokke” was white and was the first flower to bloom when the spring arrives.

You can find information about the photo here

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  1. Such a sweet story, Dirk. ❤️

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