The Mountain calls

From this perspective, it looks like you could never get up there. “Goksøyra” – directly translated far away sand. The word “øyr” is from the old Norse language and means sand and stone fragments built up along a river.

The front of the mountain is very distinctive  with its vertical wall. The climbers probably have a better chance to reach the top from there. Although the mountain is much easier to conquer from the back. How exactly is shown by with a tour description from 2012.

The mountain is a beautiful photo motive. To take pictures of “Goksøyra” from this perspective, make your way to the opposite side, in Meringsdal. Here you walk steeply uphill along the river “Rondøla”.

The light was very bright that day, almost too bright. But with a polarizing filter and a small aperture, however, a fairly usable picture was created.

Where exactly the camera was positioned, information about image development and the download link can be found here.

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  1. An amazing and beautiful place!

    1. Yes, a very nice place with a very nice view. However, the way there is a bit exhausting 🙂

  2. A realy beautiful landscape, thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice sunday.

    1. The landscape is really very beautiful. Especially when the light is as good as it is today. There is always something new to discover… Have a nice week!

  3. A beautiful capture, the light is perfect. When I see and photograph mountains, I see the history of the area, sometimes billions of years, just fascinating.

    1. I think you’re right. Thanks very much !

    1. Me too. A very beautiful landscape…

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